Thursday, July 07, 2005

America, I present to you the party of "morals" and "values"

The hits keep coming for the GOP,

from the great state of Kentucky,

"A special grand jury indicted three of [Kentucky] Gov. Ernie Fletcher's subordinates Wednesday, including his deputy chief of staff, on various misdemeanor charges, including criminal conspiracy and political discrimination."
article here

from the state of Ohio we present Coingate, where a couple of hundred million dollars of state money seems to have been flused down the toilet. The Nation has a nice summation of the case...

Of course there is also Tom Delay and his House of Scandal

Can't forget about our good friend Duke Cunningham out in California either, his house was raided by the FBI last week

And of course the ongoing Valerie Plame investigation has the potential to wreak havoc within the White House with a Rove indictment expected sometime next week..

Of course Congressional Dems are still unwilling to file ethics charges against any of these jokers but hopefully Howard Dean and grassroots Democrats can turn up the heat on our Congressmen and Senators and have some action taken. The Democratic consultant establishment cannot fail to pounce on these scandals and make them the campaign issue of 2006.It's time to start stoking the fire and priming the electorate for a backlash like 1994.


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