Thursday, July 28, 2005

CAFTA passes the House 217-215

A sad day for America's workers. You can view the roll call vote here

Here's how Colorado's Representative's voted

1. DeGette - No
2. Udall - No
3. Salazar - No
4. Musgrave - Yes
5. Hefley - Yes
6. Tancredo - No
7. Beauprez - Yes

I applaud Colorado's Dems for sticking together on this one and putting up a fight for American workers. Could someone explain to me how CAFTA will benefit the working people of Colorado's 4th, 5th, and 7th districts?

15 Democrats crossed over and supported CAFTA. The DNC and the DCCC need to cut them off at the legs, no national funding should go to these DINO's. If a Democrat isn't willing to fight for the American worker then he's not a Democrat.

Here are the traitors to the Democratic Party,
Bean, Cooper, Cuellar, Dicks, Hinojosa, Jefferson, Matheson, Meeks (NY), Moore (KS), Moran (VA), Ortiz, Skelton, Snyder, Tanner, and Towns.

I am absolutely serious about no longer funding these "Democrats", that's not just internet hyperbole. It's time the Party takes a stand and tells these DINO's that they either get in line with the Party in terms of economic policy or they take a hike. If Democrats cannot come together to stand up for America's workers then the Party is lost.


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