Thursday, July 28, 2005

CAFTA vote could prove costly to Musgrave

Rep. Marilyn Musgrave cast a "Yes" vote for CAFTA last night, typical of Musgrave she put her loyalty to Republican leadership above the priorities of her district. The CD-4 is a rural district with many farmers - including sugar-beet farmers - who will be directly (and negatively) impacted by CAFTA. Their is concern that the entire US Sugar industry could collapse under CAFTA.

Thanks to Musgrave's vote Sugar Beet farmers now have to worry about making ends meet and feeding their families. If you polled her district where would same-sex marriage rate in relation to basic economic issues?

At some point her preoocupation with fringe social issues will cost her. The people of the 4th now have real economic worries because their own Representative sold them up the river.

In the 2004 election the suga-beet farmers let it be known that they opposed CAFTA.

Here's a cached Denver Post article from October 2004 on the issue,
"...others claim Musgrave's views on morality have always obscured other problems that need tending.

"I think she's dropped the ball, basically,'"said Sterling sugar beet farmer Darren Luft. "She's not paying attention to the issues that could be devastating to our industry."...

...Beet Farmers in the area, however, say Musgrave's reluctance to oppose the Central American Free Trade Agreement could ruin the Colorado sugar beet industry. They say the agreement could dump 100,000 tons of sugar in the U.S. every year and cost the last remaining family farms in eastern Colorado.

But Musgrav is not interested in intervening and keeping local sugar beet growers out of the pact, Luft said. "She's right in the heart of agriculture, and she's letting some of her main constituents down," he said.


At 12:41 PM, Blogger red ranger said...

CAFTA is not a black and white agricultural issue. Sugar Beat farmers aren't an entire constituency.
Cattlemen and Wheat farmers supported CAFTA. Trust me, I know the 4th and I know ag and ag families. The 4th won't vote for Angie, the won't vote for a drug store cowboy, aggressvie liberal democrat from the Bronx.

At 3:15 PM, Blogger YellowDogDem said...

they barely supported Musgrave last time, she is extremely vulnerable.

At 3:16 PM, Blogger YellowDogDem said...

btw - do you have any actual critiques of Angie's record or are you just going to throw around silly and meaningless labels?


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