Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Credibility part deux: Revenge of the Polls

You'll recall that I posted yesterday about the growing credibility gap that the administration is facing. Well there was a poll released today that I think further illustrates that the American people have turned, they no longer believe their President. Bush has gone to the well one too many times and now people simply do not trust him.

"Furthermore, only 41 percent give Bush good marks for being “honest and straightforward” — his lowest ranking on this question since he became president. That’s a drop of nine percentage points since January, when a majority (50 percent to 36 percent) indicated that he was honest and straightforward. This finding comes at a time when the Bush administration is battling the perception that its rhetoric doesn’t match the realities in Iraq, and also allegations that chief political adviser Karl Rove leaked sensitive information about a CIA agent to a reporter. (The survey, however, was taken just before these allegations about Rove exploded into the current controversy.)"

So as bad as these numbers are they potentially could get much worse for the President.


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