Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Excellent Op/Edmpiece in this morning's LA Times on Rove

Robert Scheer pulls no punches this morning in discussing the Rove-Plame scandal that is now starting to engulf the administration.

"In the end, though, what Rove's leak and Novak's column really exposed was the depravity of the administration's deliberate use of a false WMD threat and its willingness to go after anyone willing to tell the truth about it.

It's ironic that the expertise of this couple should be turned against them by a White House that has demonstrated nothing but incompetence in dealing with the WMD issue. But clearly truth and competence are virtues easily shed by the Bush administration in the pursuit of political advantage, even when this partisan game jeopardizes national security."

Excellent summation of the issues. The mainstream press seemed preoccupied with the 1st Amendment issues raised by Judith Miller's jailing. Now though it appears the tide has turned and they are now focusing on the criminal activities of the Rove. The White House press briefing yesterday was loads of fun, and this morning's newspapers pulled no punches, Americablog has a nice summation of the morning press. And of course if Tim Russert, King of the Inside the Beltway Media, has turned on you things are really not going well, from this morning's Today show,

"One Republican said to me last night, if this was a Democratic White House, we'd have Congressional hearings in a second."

that may be the most damning statement I've heard given that Russert is quoting a Republican, the Republican is pointing out the obvious double-standard they are applying to this serious situation, and Russert was saying it - Tim doesn't generally like to ruffle any feathers inside the Beltway, he must smell blood in the water.


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