Sunday, July 03, 2005

The firm grip of the Christian right on today's Republican Party...

I was in Louisville this spring to catch the Kentucky Derby with some old friends from law school. One of those friends is a moderate Republican, fiscally conservative and socially liberal, and we had a pretty long talk about the current state of his party. He was concerned about the marginalization of moderates within the GOP and agreed with my statement that the Republican Party has been, in essence, hijacked by the far right social conservatives.

In today's Washington Post there are two articles, one about Bill Frist and another about Supreme Court nominees which really demonstrate just how important other Republican's feel the religous right is to their success and how influential the religous right has become.

From the Frist article,
"If he wants the Republican nomination, he may be worried that coming out for embryonic stem cell research funding would make conservatives angry, especially if it involves disagreeing with President Bush," said Harvard political scientist Michael J. Sandel. If stem cell legislation becomes Bush's first veto, "it would be a symbolic issue in the Republican primaries."

Sandel is dead on with is analysis, social moderates need not apply for the Republican national ticket. I often wonder what the people who think Rudy Guilianni will be the 2008 nominee are paying attention to...

The SCOTUS article is a good companion piece for this post from Ed Kilgore over at tpmcafe


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