Friday, July 15, 2005

Fundraising numbers are in...

Colorado Pols has done a nice job of putting together the fundraising numbers for the various candidates for CD-7 seat and Governor. I have a few thoughts...

CD7 race Democrats
Ed Perlmutter - $215,000
Peggy Lamm - ?
- Okay so technically the numbers are not due until today but considering that the fundraising numbers for every other major candidate have leaked out one must assume that Peggy Lamm has come up short. As Colorado Pols noted, if Lamm had any good news to report she would have gotten word out. I think most objective observers of this race felt that Perlmutter would hold a fundraising advantage over Peggy Lamm, it looks like they were right.

CD7 race Republican
Rick O'Donnell - $269,000
- O'Donnell is running unopposed and had a healthy fundraising quarter. Given the competetive nature of this district and the emphasis that the national parties have placed on the seat I would expect O'Donnell and his Democratic opponent to have little problems raising adequate funds for the 2006 election.

Gubernatorial race Democrats
Bill Ritter - $164,000
Rutt Bridges - $131,000
- I've written a bit about this race previously, to put it succintly I think that this advantage is a negligible one and I fully expect Bridges to be able to defeat Ritter in a primary.

Gubernatorial race Republican's
Bob Beauprez - $403,700
Marc Holtzman - $390,000
- These numbers are pretty staggering relative to the amounts raised by their Democratic counterparts, when you figure in Holtzman's 1st Quarter funds his total soars to over $800,000. This primary race is shaping up to be quite a dog fight and I'm looking forward to it heating up. The amount of money being thrown around shouldn't phase Dems though as Rutt Bridges can outspend any Republican candidate in the field if he should win the Democratic Party.

Hopefully we hear something out of Peggy Lamm soon...


At 12:34 PM, Blogger red ranger said...

O'Donnell will be the Republican candidate, and has already run once in CD-7 so has the edge on Perlmutter

My thoughts on the Governor's race filings:

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