Wednesday, July 13, 2005

GAO: Army Reserves desperatley need funds

Would someone please remind me again who is supposed to be the party of national security and which party hates the military? For far too long the Dems have allowed the GOP to take the highground in any debate on the military and national security. I think it's high time that the Democratic Party employ the Rovian tactic of attacking the percieved strength of your opponent. The fact is the GOP abandons Veterans (as evidenced by the cuts to VA hospitals and the like), the GOP sent our troops into battle without proper equipment, the GOP has let the Coast Guard rot and failed to protect our shores and ports, the GOP has abused the national guard and reserves. Why aren't Democrats making these points?

Exhibit A of the GOP's incompetency, this GAO report from yesterday

“We found that it is becoming increasingly difficult for the Army Reserve to continue to provide ready forces in the near term due to worsening personnel and equipment shortages”
Just as the Democratic Party needs a 50 state strategy to compete electorally we must confront all issues head on. We cannot concede a single state to the GOP and we sure as hell shouldn't be conceding any issues to the GOP.


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