Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Has the administration lost all credibility?

Are we finally seeing that the American public has turned on the Bush administration after being burned one too many times by the White House? Clearly Bush will always maintain popularity with the sycophants on the right, but the rest of the nation seems to finally have turned against the administration.

The focus on the afternoon political shows has been on the growing credibility gap of the White House in regards to the Rove scandal. But this administration is also facing a growing credibility gap with the war in Iraq, as evidenced by the desperate speech in North Carolina a few weeks back. The President recieved no bounce from that speech - and in fact even slipped a bit in one poll. Just prior to that the polls showed that the President's overall approval numbers plummeting, that 60% of American's believed Iraq wasn't worth it, that 40% favored impeachment if in fact the President misled us about WMD's.

The lead up to the Rove scandal was filled with bad news and signs of a growing credibility gap with the general public. This current scandal could very well be a catalyst for further backlash, it appears that the public has already turned and the Rove scandal is just more fuel for the fire.


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