Thursday, July 14, 2005

How do we counter the Rove spin?

Josh Marshall has an excellent post this evening which discusses the growing spin from the right about the Rove scandal - that is they are smearing Joe Wilson (again) and Matthew Cooper. The pattern is old hat for obeserves of this administration and Josh summarizes it well,

"Now we can see in full view what we've seen again and again in recent years, the favored tactic: terror by grand moral inversion, the lie so total and audacious that it almost knocks opponents off their feet."

The question is, what are Democrats going to do about it? It seems too often that Dems are so taken aback at the sheer audacity of the spin that they fail to react, in part because they believe that no one could possibly believe the spin. Of course the spin sticks, the media becomes distracted, public opinion shifts and the Dems have, once again, lost the argument. I appreciate Josh's observations and I agree with him wholeheartedley but we need to take the next step - we need to counter punch. We need a strategy and we need to get organized, the GOP has issued their talking points, the GOP is organized and on message. Time for the Dems to stop flailing about, focus their attack and construct a coherent message to counter the effects of the GOP spin.


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