Thursday, July 14, 2005

Howard Dean event tonight...

I was unable to attend tonight's Howard Dean event in Denver but had a good friend there who just called to fill me in on some of the details. As wonderful as it was to have Chairman Dean here in Colorado it appears that the event itself left a bit to be desired.

The list of big name attendees who were in attendance really pales in comparison the list of names who were not even invited, namely all of the Democratic state legislators. In fact the only State Rep in attendance was Anne McGihon, and no one from the Senate was present - though Joan Fitz-Gerald's husband was in attendance, apparently Joan was traveling. One has to wonder how an event like this was organized and no one thought to invite even the state Democratic leadership. Apparently the DNC, who organized the event, felt there was no need to include Senate Majority Leader Ken Gordon, House Majority Leader Alice Madden, or Speaker Andrew Romanoff. The abscence of any state Dems was noticeable and people were talking about it. You would think that the recent 2004 electoral success of the state Democratic Party would garner a little respect and recognition from the DNC, apparently not though.

While the state Democratic legislators were MIA some of prominent names were in attendance including Jared Polis, state party chairman Pat Waak, CD-7 candidates Ed Perlmutter and Herb Rubenstein, Gubernatorial candidate and Denver DA Bill Ritter, and Denver City Council President Elbra Wedgeworth.

In addition to the noticeable abscences the event apparently was poorly organized with complaints from some donors (all of whom had contributed $100-500 to attend) about a range of issues from inconvenient and poorly planned sign-in process (it wasn't at the main entrance to the hotel!) and the lack of any real publicity about the event (neither the Denver Dems nor the Colorado Dems website have anything on their websites about the Denver event). In addition there was some concern about how much of this money will be directed back into Colorado by the DNC, apparently no one knows for sure what percentage or amount Colorado campaigns might see.

No one word yet on exactly how much money was raised at the event.


At 7:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It wasn't at the hotel entrance because of the abortion freakos outside that entrance.

Agree with rest about state Dems' conspicuous absence...


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