Thursday, July 14, 2005

Just in time for the weekend NY Times breaks important Rove story

I was thinking that Plame-Gate might have reached it's media apex, at least until Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald releases his findings and/or indictments, what with the White House stonewalling, the coming weekend, and the press and average American's relatively short attention span when it comes to these seemingly partisan battles - I was almost tired of this story, almost.

I really felt that the GOP had done a nice job over the last few days of muddying up the story, being aggressive, and really pushing back. Unfortunately for the GOP the facts really do seem to be against them at this point. Friday morning's NY Times breaks the news that Rove spoke about Valerie Plame with Bob Novak as he was preparing that now infamous column and three days before Mr. Rove spoke to Time magazine reporter Matthew Cooper about Mrs. Wilson.

I think Plamegate just got a breathe of life that will sustain it through the weekend.

Editor & Publisher has a nice story on the impact of the NY Times piece.


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