Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My take on the DLC

I can't say that I agree with most of what gets posted over but sometimes I find my views are completely in line with theirs. Those of you who have read a majority of what I have posted have probably come to see that I am a pro-labor, economically progressive, socially moderate Democrat; given that perspective it should come as little suprise to anyone that I hold a low opinion of the Democratic Leadership Council. I think Bill Clinton is probably the greatest politician of my 26 years and for me there are many reasons to like the man, but the way he and the DLC have completely discarded the working family and inparticuarly labor families leaves a bad taste in my mouth. In my opinion the DLC has really contributed mightily to the Democratic slide of the last 10+ years. They have ceded the economic high road and the pro-Corporate wing of the Party has been bungling elections at all levels. All of that said I sign onto this from Hunter at dailykos wholeheartededly,

"I come neither to bury the DLC, nor to praise them. And in truth, I am utterly opinionless on who should get the nomination for the next presidential election -- it's not that I'm uninformed; it's just that I really don't, six months into the current presidential term, give a tinker's damn, and I don't particularly think anyone else should either. In the next few years, I will personally come to support whoever accomplishes the most -- or, given the current climate, anything -- towards actual Democratic objectives. You want to be a leader? Then show me you can lead. It's that simple.

But the DLC has become really quite detested among many Democratic circles -- and by that I mean, by most Democrats not already aligned with the DLC. And I don't think the reasons are terribly complicated, and I know the reasons are nothing that can be solved by a call for cease-fire, rally 'round the flag, etc. The problems are these:

  • The more corporate-tailored elements of the DLC agenda are frequently at odds with Democratic "heartland" interests.

  • The DLC "framing" of candidates and issues is so forcefully homogenized as to render those candidates and issues politically and morally translucent.

  • The DLC has a remarkable track record of losing."

I encourage everyone else to read the entire post,


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