Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Quick thought on C&D and the '04 elections here in Colorado

While I think it is imperative that C&D pass this fall from what I gather proponents are nervous at this point about their chances for success. I myself have not actually seen any polling on the issue but common wisdom is that there is that public support is not yet at 50%.

Now in Peter Blake's Rocky Mountain News column today he was discussing the race for Colorado Senate Minority leader between Andy McElhany and Steve Johnson. In discussing Johnson Blake writes,

Johnson is proud to have worked with the Democrats on the issue, but admits that hurts him with those who did not. Failure to address budget problems in 2003-2004 is what cost Republicans legislative control, he argues.

I've heard that argument put forward quite frequently in the last 8 or 9 months and it always seemed reasonable to me. There was a budget crisis, the Republican's diddled around with social issues for 2 sessions, the public got fed up and voted the bums out.... seemed logical and reasonable. As Speaker Romanoff said during this session in response to a bizarre comments from Rep. Welker, "We're talking about the budget and they're talking about beastiality." The state GOP was out of touch and Coloradans wanted the budget issue solved.

But if that was really the case wouldn't we see more confidence from the Yes On C&D crowd? Wouldn't there be more public support for this bi-partisan measure? Why then did the Republican's lose control of the legislature if the public isn't clamoring for a reprieve from TABOR?


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