Thursday, July 14, 2005

Revisting the credibility gap, again...

Thursday's Washington Post really went inside the recent WSJ/MSNBC poll which I referenced yesterday in my post, "Credibility part Deux. The numbers are actually worse than I thought for the President,
"A majority of those polled disapprove of how Bush is handling the economy, foreign policy -- and Iraq. A plurality -- 49 percent -- agree that "we should set a deadline for withdrawing our troops from Iraq." And asked "If the United States withdraws its troops from Iraq there will be more terrorist attacks in the United States," only 36 percent agree -- compared to 54 percent who disagree.

Finally, it's not just honesty where Bush is taking a hit. Only 50 percent of those polled gave him high ratings for being easygoing and likeable, down from 57 in January; 43 percent gave him high ratings for being smart, down from 50; 40 percent gave him high ratings for being compassionate enough to understand average people, down from 47; and only 29 percent gave him high ratings for being willing to work with people whose viewpoints are different from his own, down from 33."

Will there be a backlash against the Republican's 2006? The Democrats seem to have some momentum going for them at this early stage.


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