Thursday, July 14, 2005

Rutt Bridges Q&A on Colorado Pols

Rutt just finished up his Q&A over on Colorado Pols, my first impressions are that it was pretty uneventful. The questions from the public were not all that great, they're have certainly been better questions in past Q&A sessions. Rutt's answers did him no harm and no damage, so I guess no big screwups means that's a win for Rutt. Answering the questions live I thought was a nice touch, it shows that he has command of the issues and confidence in his positions.

I liked his answer to question #6 about abortion and his views on choice. His answer touched on several different policy initiatives he believes are tied into the abortion issue such as adoption and sex-ed. His answer seemed thoughtful and well reasoned and too often the abortion debate turns into a screeching partisan debate.

He handled the immigration question, #9, quite well too.

His handling of question #11 was excellent,
"11. The Bighorn Center was responsible for creating the “no-call list” in Colorado. If you could prevent each of your opponents from calling one person during the campaign, who would you add to their personal no-call lists?

I would add Rupert Murdoch to Marc Holtzman’s list, though that money horse may have already left the barn. For Bob Beauprez, it would be his mentor and soul mate, Tom DeLay."

Never too early to start in on your potential opponents, these jabs were subtle yet effective.


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