Thursday, July 14, 2005

Some thoughts on Colorado politics...

I haven't been focusing as much as I would like on Colorado politics, partially because the session is over and we are in a summer time lull awaiting the C&D campaigns to heat up. Partially too because there has been a lot of action on the national political scene as of late. I've made a few postings over at Colorado Pols on state politics in recent days but I have a few other things I'd like to get off of my chest...

1. Shouldn't we be hearing from Angie Paccione soon? Her polling was conducted last week, the numbers are in. Why haven't we heard anything? My guess is that the numbers were not overwhelming either way. Given the winning percentage of Congressional incumbents (near 95%) Angie has a tough decision to make, if the people are not clamoring to vote out Musgrave should she risk losing her relatively safe State House seat? Personally I'd love to see Angie run and I think she has a good shot at beating Musgrave if she runs a good campaign. It has to be tough to give up your seat though and roll the dice to run in what would surely be a close US House race, but at some point in his or her career a politician has to be a gambler and has to take a leap of faith if they want to rise in the political ranks. Run Angie Run!

2. For Governor, I think Rutt Bridges is my guy. I know he was out fundraised based on the numbers that came out yesterday but I think you cannot discount two things about those numbers. First, Ritter had a 2 week advantage, if you extrapolate the daily fundraising numbers for Rutt out you see that fundraising advantage evaporate. Second, and I think most importantly, Rutt doesn't need anyone else's money to run for Governor, so ultimately I think his fundrasing numbers are a bit inconsequential.

3. Money aside, can Bill Ritter really win a Democratic primary? Primary voters are the hardcore party loyalists, the party's base if you prefer. What about Bill Ritter appeals to the Democratic Party base? Not much from what I can see.

I look forward to the Q&A with Rutt Bridges this afternoon over at Colorado Pols, should be enlightening.


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