Monday, July 25, 2005

some thoughts on the Roberts nomination...

I haven't blogged about Mr. Roberts at all other than immediately after his nomination and I haven't closely followed all of the various dust-ups in the last week or so about him. To me this battle over the Supreme Court was fought last November, the Republican's maintained control of Congress and the White House and so the Democrats lost the Supreme Court fight. If Roberts had a lengthy record of controversial opinions from his days on the D.C. Circuit perhaps this would be a nomination worth contesting. As it stands though today it appears that Roberts is a strong conservative with impeccable academic and professional credentials. When his confirmation hearings take place the Senators are free to ask him any question of their liking, even a specific question about Roe, Mr. Roberts is free to dodge and obfuscate. There will be at least one more Supreme Court nomination for this President and most likely two more. I think the Democrats and their activists would be better served to save the screaching for a nominee with more easily impeachable credentials than Mr. Roberts. Certainly they should not shy away from tough questions during his confirmation and if there is really something of merit in his personal or professional life that would make him unfit to serve let us hear it. In the meantime I don't care what Mrs. Roberts views on abortion are and I don't care if Mr. Roberts was a member of the Federalist Society. At this point the Democratic activists are flailing about wasting what "capital" they have with the American public. My advice would be to save it for a truly rainy day.


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