Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The sycophants have gone delusional...

Read this and try to keep a straight face... I dare you

"Byron York has a vital detail in his must-read piece right now on the main part of the NRO website. Karl Rove's lawyer, Robert Luskin, tells Byron that Time's Matt Cooper called Rove to talk about something else and that only secondarily did the subject of Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame come up.

This is important, because it suggests Rove wasn't "retailing" the information about Wilson and Plame -- wasn't reporter-shopping to drop a dirty dime on those involved -- but was rather a passive source, answering a phone call at the reporter's behest and presumably changing topics to the sexier one at issue at the reporter's behest as well."

Does anyone really believe that Karl Rove operates this way? What in Mr. Rove's well documented past would make someone believe in this "Benevolent Karl" straw man that the sycophants on the right are concocting? This is a man with a 30 year history of dirty tricks, 30 years! Rove, while he was head of College Republicans was reprimanded in the mid 70's by the RNC and then chairman George H.W. Bush. In the midst of Watergate Rove was conducting meetings where he detailed dirty tricks tactics. In 1992 George H.W. Bush fired Rove from his campaign when Rove leaked information about a Bush family confidante to - get this - Bob Novak. This is a guy who painted an opponent in a judicial race - a man who had dedicated his life to helping neglected and abused children - as a pedophile through a wisper campaign. I could go on, but instead I recommend reading this piece which details Rove's history.

Somehow I don't think that the "Benevolent Rove" defense is going to stick...


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