Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Taking the fight to the GOP, one district at a time...

Great story in the NY Times about Paul Hackett who is running as a Democrat in a special election in the heavily Republican 2nd District of Ohio. Mr. Hackett just returned from Iraq and has gone so far as to refer to President Bush as a "chicken hawk" during campaign stops. Mr. Hackett's position on gun control is, I think very interesting, and is a position I am slowly coming around to supporting,

"The two [candidates], however, support broad gun rights. His opposition to banning assault weapons has gotten Mr. Hackett, who says he owns military-style rifles and has a permit to carry concealed weapons, into arguments with many Democrats.

'The Democratic Party is wrong on this,' he said. 'We don't want government dictating a woman's right to choose. How do I tell people it's O.K. to dictate their gun ownership?'"


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