Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tancredo is sticking by his guns...

Rep. Tancredo seems to lurch farther and farther out into the fringe with each passing day. Yesterday Tancredo's publicist tried to walk the nuking mecca story back a bit, but the Congressman refuses to back down. From today's Denver Post,

"'I'm not suggesting we do it. I have nothing to apologize for in that respect,' Tancredo said. 'I'm simply saying to have a good discussion on this issue, a thorough discussion on what is perhaps the most serious kind of possible situation we could face as a civilization, that you cannot simply take things off the table because they are uncomfortable to talk about.'"

Mr. Congressman people are not upset because this is "uncomfortable" to talk about. We're upset because it is irrational and illogical and it is unimaginable that someone in your position would even mention the possibility of bombing Mecca and Medina. If we were attacked by nuclear weapons I hope that the United States would move quickly and decisively to bring justice to those repsonsible. What you are suggesting is that we indiscriminately bomb the holiest sites in Islam which are located in the borders of a sovereign nation. Your statements embarass the state of Colorado and they embarass the nation.

Let's revist what Tancredo had to say in the wake of Dick Durbin's recent gulag comments

"It is no wonder that the global 'hate-America' crowd continues to gain momentum around the world when people like Dick Durbin are shouting their half-baked hyperbole through megaphones on the floor of the U.S. Senate right here in Washington, DC."

Well sir, congratulations you have now contributed your own half-baked hyperbole.


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