Friday, July 08, 2005

Tort reform? How about some insurance reform...

I have been arguing for quite sometime that f one steps back and looks at the data on Medical Malpractive insurance it becomes quite obvious that the real reason for skyrcoketing rates are greedy insurance companies. Juries really aren't handing out bigger awards, they aren't ruling for plaintiff's more frequently. In short our civil justice system isn't the lottery that Republican's would like you to believe that it is, by all objective standards our civil justice system is quite fair.

A study from Missouri was just released today which found that insurance companies were indeed bilking their customers. If only the doctors would stand up to the real insurance companies instead of grandstanding against lawyers perhaps they could get something done.

Some highlights,

"His study found that medical malpractice insurers paid out just 30 cents of every dollar that doctors paid in premiums last year."

"He found that insurers paid out just 40 cents of every dollar they expected to pay out in the future."

"Collectively, the 15 insurers increased their earned premiums by 9.3 percent, although the amount they estimated they would pay out in the future declined by more than 21 percent."

"The study used financial statements the insurers filed under oath with state regulators."


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