Sunday, July 03, 2005

Vote Yes on C & D

Locally here in Colorado it looks like we've got quite a fight on our hands over Referendums C&D, a few thoughts.....

First off, I am a strong believer in the absolute necessity of passing "C" and getting this state a time-out from the choke-hold that TABOR has placed upon it.

Now that that's out in the open lets talk about strategy.....

To me the $175 million that "D" earmarks for Police and Firefighter Pension funds is pure electoral gold. The Vote Yes folks need to have the policemen and firefighters in their radio and television spots and, though I hate the conotation of this word, they need to exploit the pension angle. Make the pensions an issue, make John Caldera and Dick Armey come out against funding police and fire pensions.

My other thought came to me while I was watching a bit of the Bill Owens - Dick Armey debate the other night and I desperatley wanted to see Owens call Armey to the carpet and expose him for what he is.... an anti-tax idealogue from Texas who does not have to live with the ramifications of TABOR. Now of course Bill Owens isn't going to go after a fellow party member like that but why not have Romanoff or Joan Fitz-Gerald call this guy out and make an issue of the fact that the forces lined up in opposition to this common sense measure are all from out of state. To me it's an obvious way to discredit the pro-TABOR faction before any debate on the merits of C&D begins.

Tell me it wouldn't bring a smile to your face to see Romanoff calmly ask the honorable Mr. Armey where he pays his taxes? Make Dick Armey go on the defensive about his carpet bagger status. Make Dick Armey admit that he pays his taxes in the state of Texas.


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