Friday, August 05, 2005

As we approach the coming Iraqi constitution...

As we approach the coming Iraqi constitution we will soon be inundated with Bush administration officials patting themselves on the back for the grand accomplishment, much like they did this spring when the Iraqi elections occured. For Bush and his sycophants these mechanical successes of Democracy are a "victory". For the common Iraqi though they mean very, very little... there lives are still a mess, bombs continue to explode.

It is amazing just how perverted Bush and his sycophants perception of what real Democracy is. Irving Kristol wrote about this in his book Confessions Of A Neo-Conservative

Though the phrase "the quality of life" trips easily from so many lips these days, it tends to be one of those cliches with many trivial meanings and no large, serious one. Sometimes it refers to such externals as the enjoyment of cleaner air, cleaner water, cleaner streets. At other times it refers to the merely private enjoyment of music, painting, or literature. Rarely does it have anything to do with the way the citizen in a democracy views himself - his obligations, his intentions, his ultimate self-definition.

Instead what I would call the "managerial" conception of democracy is the predominant opinion among political scientists, sociologists, and economists, and has, through the untiring effforst of these scholars, become the conventional journalistic opinion as well. The root idea behind this managerial conception is that democracy is a "political system" (as they say) which can be adequatley defined in terms of - can be fully reduced to - it's mechanical arrangements. Demoracy is then seen as a set of rules and procedures, and nothing but a set of rules and procedures, whereby majority rule and minority rights are reconciled into a state of equilibrium. If everyone follows these rules and procedures, then a democracy is in working order. I think this is a fair description of the democractic idea that currently prevails in academia. One can also fairly say that it is now the liberal idea of democracy par excellence.

I cannot help but feel that there is something ridiculous about being this kind of a democract, and I must confess to having a sneaking sympathy for those of our young radicals who also find it ridiculous. The absurdity is the absurdity of idoaltry - of taking the symbolic for the real, the means for the end. The purpose of democracy cannot possibly be the endless functioning of its own political machinery. The purpose of any political regime is to achive some version of the good life and the good society. It is not at all difficult to imagine a perfectly funcitioning democracy which answers all questions except one - namely, why should anyone of intelligence and spirit care a fig for it?

There is, however, an older idea of democracy - one which was fairly common until the beginning of this century - for which the conception of the quality of public life is absolutely crucial.
The idea starts from the proposition that democracy is a form of self-government, and that if you want it to be a meritorious policy, you have to care about what kind of people govern it. Indeed, it puts the matter more strongly and delcares that if you want self-government, you are only entitled to it if that "self" is worthy of governing. There is no inherent right to self-government if it means that such government is vicious, mean, squalid, and debased. Only a dogmatist and a fanatic, an idolater of the democratic machinery, could approve of self-government under such conditions.

And because the desirability of self-government depends on the chracter of the people who govern, the older idea of democracy was very solicitous of the condition of this character. It was solicitous of the individual self, and felt an obligation to educate it into what used to be called "republican virtue". And it was solicitous of that collective sekf which we called public opinion and which, in a democracy, governs us collectively. Perhaps in some respects it was never oversolictitous - that would not be suprising. But
the main thing is that it cared, cared not merely about the machibery of democracy but about the qaulity of life that this machinery might generate.


At 6:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So. . . if you support President Bush you are a pervert?

Thanks for the vote of confidence by way of blatantly gross generalizations and wild accusations.

Now allow me to beat you to the punch, with regards to these ad hominem attacks: I rip the heads off babies and old people, whom I also starve to death, and pour hot lead down their exposed necks. I deny blacks the right to vote. I supress women through sexual politics. I collect kittens in barley sacks and drown them. I set fire to puppies. I am evil because I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman, not a man and a man or a woman and a woman because historically the institution of marriage is matter of survival for the human race. I am racist, bigoted, sexist, prejudical, myopic, stupid, ignorant, dumb--

all because I don't support the Democratic Party Agenda.

Like I said: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

By the way: SInce you are so smart how's come you aren't running the world? I mean, you know everything have the answer for everything, and know the solution to every problem in existence. Just asking. Just curious.

At 8:50 PM, Blogger YellowDogDem said...

I didn't call anyone a pervert, I merely pointed out that even Irving Kristol thinks that BushCo style democracy is a perverted sense of true Democracy. Honestly, it's a distinction that a high schooler could make and if you can't see it then I'm not sure there's any sense in you coming here anymore. I didn't make any ad-hominen attacks and frankly if your reading comprehension skills were better that would be painfully obvious. You've built up some sort of rage over a slight that never existed - I never said President Bush's supporters were actual perverts.

I'm doing my part, I write this blog and attempt to contribute to the market place of ideas, I also donate money and time to candidates and causes that I believe in. I participate in our political process in a myriad of ways.

So, other than anonymously posting on my blog - what exactly do you do?

At 6:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous:

I've never seen anyone take so many words to completely fail in championing a reasonable argument.

Why not argue with the text of his blog entry?


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