Monday, August 08, 2005

Blogging Of The Institute...

There is a campaign underway which began over at Soap Blox: Colorado which will be an expose of sorts on the right-wing Independence Institute.

This is part one of my Blogging Of The Institute (BOTI). I will focus on the trustees of the Independence Institute. Who they are, where they live, and how much they have given to political candidates since 1992. I will make an argument against the nonprofit façade of political neutrality. I will show that the Independence Institute is not “independent” at all. That it is in fact, very partisan and pro-big business.

EMRosa does a wonderful job in part one of examining the trustees of the II, their past campaign donations, their business interests, and where potential FEC violations may exist based upon those business relations and their work at the II.

Since 1992 the 7 trustees and 1 chair have cumulatively contributed $196,415 to Republican candidates, nothing to independents, $1,289 to Libertarian's, and $10,000 to Democrats


So the scoreboard at the II reads, R: $190,825 to D: $10,000

that doesn't really strike me as particularly non-partisan.

Here is a link to an Excel Spreadsheet that em rosa put together, thanks again for all of the hard work em rosa.


At 9:17 PM, Blogger EMRosa said...

Almost got it.

All of the trustees have given a total of $196,415, if not more, to the GOP since 1992.

They've also given about $10,00
to Democrats, and $1,289 to the Libertarians since 1992.

That's 94% to the GOP, 5% to the Democrats, and 1% to the LP.

An Excel sheet I made is here.

It's still not very apolitical.

At 9:20 PM, Blogger YellowDogDem said...

thanks, I'll correct....

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