Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Congratulations Paul Hackett...

Paul Hackett lost in Ohio's 2nd Congressional district tonight 52-48... really an incredible showing and a wonderful demonstration that Dean's 50 state strategy is viable. The RNC and the RNCC had to dump hundred's of thousand's of dollars into a "safe" republican district. Additionally, the DCCC paid considerably less attention to this race.

here are the past election results for that seat, remember that Bush won by over 30% last november too

2004 72% to 28%
2002 74% to 26%
2000 74% to 23%
1998 76% to 24%

tonight was 52-48.... winning the seat outright would obviously have been great but this shows that with the right candidate, running an aggresive campaign the Democrats really can be viable in just about any district in America.


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