Saturday, August 06, 2005

Holtzman is done...

I know that Marc Holtzman is officially claiming that he is merely taking time off of his gubernatorial campaign to focues solely on defeating Referenda C&D but does anyone really believe that?

Bob Ewegen did a nice job in today's Denver Post for calling a spade a spade and a failing campaign a failing campaign,
Holtzman Friday asked Beauprez to suspend his own campaign, "setting aside our gubernatorial ambitions, so that together we can present a united front to oppose C and D."

Given their relative standings, Holtzman's call to Beauprez to join him in suspending the campaign sounded a lot like Napoleon, retreating from Moscow, writing to Czar Alexander I seeking a non-violent resolution of their differences.

Beauprez people meanwhile have siezed on this moment and come right after Holtzman.

The Beauprez campaign pounced on Holtzman's letter as a sign of weakness.

"Bob has found time to be an effective congressman, run for governor and oppose Referendum C," said Beauprez spokesman John Marshall.

Politically Beauprez people are playing this wonderfully, painting Holtzman as weak and unable to handle big issues except one at a time. Holtzman's ability to handle the rigors of the Governor's mansion is now squarely in question. I don't see how Holtzman can really believe that he can somehow get back into the Governor's race after something like this, not to mention what would happen to his political credibility if Referenda C or D pass. I realize that Holtzman later flip-flopped and claimed that he would continue to run for Governor full time but I think the damage is probably already done. It's early in the politcial season but given Holtzman's obvious flip-flop and Beauprez's excellent response the debate has been framed.


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