Friday, August 05, 2005

I can't let this slide...

From the wonderful piece in the National Journal about the liberal blogosphere...

Conversely, many centrists believe that the demands of the Internet Left influenced John Kerry's decision in 2003 to vote against Bush's $87 billion request to fund the war in Iraq.
That vote became an albatross for Kerry in the general election when Bush used it as his prime example to accuse the Democrat, who had voted to authorize the war, of flip-flopping on issues. MoveOn had urged Democrats to oppose the funding, and Kerry cast his vote at a moment when Dean's presidential campaign, fueled largely by the torrent of online donations, was at its zenith.

That is just misleading. That vote was not in and of itself an albatros, what was an albatros was Kerry's spectacular bungling of the issue by making that absurd "I voted for it, before I voted against it" statement. The initial vote was not an albatross, the second vote was not really an issue until John Kerry made that statement. It was Kerry's own bungling and his staff's inability to craft a coherent message that cost him that issue. The vote was certainly not "an albatross" in and of itself as this article suggests.


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