Saturday, August 06, 2005

Owens speaks out on C&D

In today's Rocky Mountain News Governor Owens wrote an article to "clear the air" on Referenda C&D. Owens writes,

Marc Holtzman, a candidate for the 2006 nomination for governor, recently voiced his opposition to this sound plan in these pages. I understand that he's running for office. But I don't understand how he expects to earn the confidence of voters by jeopardizing Colorado's long-term fiscal health.

Nowhere in his article does he suggest a solution. And so I ask Holtzman and others who oppose Referendums C and D: Where in next year's budget will you cut $400 million? How will you fix the long-term fiscal problem we face? Tell us now before we vote on Nov. 1.

Colorado's budget problems cannot be solved by mere "belt-tightening." I understand belt-tightening. As governor, I have implemented more than $1 billion in budget cuts during my administration. But you can only go so far before you start to affect essential services.

Owens voice will be crucial to the success of C&D. If he can hold moderate Republican's the two referenda will pass. The referenda are a reasonable and responsible reaction to Colorado's fiscal crisis which enjoys bi-partisan support throughout the community. Even RNC Chair Ken Mehlman acknowledges that we have a budget problem, if opponents to C&D have a plan for the future financial health of this state we'd love to hear it.

Unlike Holtzman, I'm not running for office. In this effort, my motivations are clear: I want what's best for Colorado. It has been my privilege to serve as governor since 1999 and I am proud of my record of tax-cutting and budgetary discipline. I am voting "yes" because a vote for Referendums C and D will allow our state to get back on a strong fiscal footing so that Colorado can continue to compete in a world economy. This is a time for leadership, not for politics.
go get 'em Gov!


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