Sunday, July 03, 2005

Colorado Pols ventures cautiously into the Rove-Plame scandal

The good people over at Colorado Pols have posted about the Rove-Plame scandal but I have to question their choice of language a bit....

There's some buzz that the Valerie Plame scandal is about to get red-hot for the Bush administration and Karl Rove in particular. Colorado's left-wing blogs pounced on it Friday night.

If it's a scandal at all (there's some debate about this).

For those of you deep in some Chafee County ravine joining us for your monthly sit-down at a Leadville internet cafe, there's been an issue brewing for some time about the possible exposure of a covert CIA agent's identity by the White House to discredit a prominent Iraq war critic (married to the agent). Read this for a relatively impartial summary. emphasis added

If it's a scandal? If? Lets be clear, at the very least Rove may have violated the Intelligence Identities and Protection Act of 1982. Beyond that Rove has already testified at least twice and possibly 3 times in front of a grand jury about his knowledge of the leak, so a perjury charge is a distinct possibility. If the story ends there, and I am skeptical that it will, it is already a full blown scandal.

And what is this about the "possible exposure" of a CIA operative by the White House? She was an operative and her identity was exposed by senior administration officials. This is all very clear and not open for interpretation, those are the facts.... why do you think there has been a Special Prosecutor appointed and an ongoing Grand Jury investigation?

They have a great site over there at Colorado Pols but I think they might be trying a bit to hard to present a "fair and balanced" perspective on this one...


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